Who We Are

Our Scope of Work includes the procurement and the provision of specialized materials, technical services, and know-how to the Hydrocarbon industry. We have been proudly servicing the Iraqi market and the Ministry of Oil in Baghdad for over 20 years.

How We Conduct Our Business

We operate mostly as a main contractor to our customers. We subcontract other firms for the manufacturing of materials and sometimes,  the provision of designs, specific technical support or specialized personnel. We also act as agents to other companies in return for certain fees or compensation.


The supply of Hydrocracking Catalysts, Reforming catalysts, Hydrotreating Catalysts, and Isomerisation Catalysts. Some projects include the provision of technical services in the form of catalysts loading, supervising the start up of the units, ongoing monitoring of the catalyst performance, and process optimization.


Comprehensive waste management projects, which include the recycling of old catalysts, the recovery of precious metals (Platinum & Rhenium) and the safe disposal of unrecoverable materials.


The supply of pumps, dosing skids, injection tools,  as well as spare parts.


The provision of water and process treatment programs that consist of the supply of specialty chemicals and equipment, and the provision of technical services in the form of monitoring and optimization of the adopted treatment programs.


The provision of different operational chemicals for both Upstream and Refining applications.

Who We Serve

Past & Current Customers

North Refineries Company in Baiji

Midland Refineries Company in Baghdad

South Refineries Company in Basra

North Gas Company in Kirkuk

South Gas Company in Khor Al-Zubair

North Oil Co. in Kirkuk

South Oil Co. in Basra

State Company for Fertilizers Industry (South Region) in Khor Al-Zubair

State Company for Fertilizers Industry (North Region) in Baiji

Ministry of Natural Resource & Minerals – Kurdistan of Iraq Government

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